Dream holiday around the world and stimulation of all senses at once. So you allow room for new ideas and personal enhancements, and have a lot of fun if it’s featured right.

The keynote speaker & expert for (neuro-) communication and marketing Astrid Arens invites you for a spectacular journey. The academic marketing- and neuro-scientist exactly knows, how important an optimal atmosphere is for a successful seminar.

Astrid Arens and her team give you individual concepts to ensure the sustainability of the content. In addition they present you a completely new mentoring concept, which can be used by entrepreneurs as well as by private people, and will take alternatively 12 or 24 months. So you’ll have 20 percent more sales guaranteed and improve your customer loyalty. Your quality of life and your performance will enormously increase.

You’ll find luck and satisfaction,
since as of now you know, how you can
mix your personal „Cocktail of Joy“.

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