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The Eden Achievement Award


“She is one of the greatest entrepeneur minds Germany has to offer”

(Citation iHeart Radio 2017)

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Astrid Arens

“as number 1 among speakers and (neuro-)communication & marketing experts”

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The Eden Achievement Award 2017
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Thrilled customers

“A proper mindset and an excellent language is really a recommended way to more success. Many thanks for your commitment. We are very happy that you go along with us dealing with personal education and customer satisfaction highly professional and with passion.”
Andreas Matthis, CEO Porsche Center Heilbronn
“Astrid is committed, creative, humorous and absolutely authentic.”
Greg S. Reid, Founder of Secret Knock - according to Forbes top 10 list the second important business organisation in the USA
“Astrid is going to be speaking at CEO Space (according to Forbes top 10 list CEO Space International is the most important business organisation in the USA). The reason, I’ll putting her on this stage, is the standing ovation she got during the academy awards here in Hollywood at a speaker event. She got the only standing ovation of all the speakers on the platform. She had people crying and in tears. I really recommend that you explore: Getting her on your stage and you have a new audiences experience. Just the emotion, the heart that she will bring.”
Berny Dohrmann, Chairman of CEO Space International
“She is one of the most outstanding authorities in Germany”
Thorsten Seelbach , Founder of AFNB (academy for neuroscientific educational management)
“At the speakers slam in Beverly Hills Astrid went up the stage, she was poised, she connected to the audience, she told her story, she gave us points to go ahead and walk away with. If you ever, ever – she won the grand slam of speakers – ever have the opportunity to have her on your stage, you better not wait, because I can tell you: I see a greatness in this woman. She is amazing. Astrid, I love you. Wunderbar”
Mark Anthony Bates, The coach of coaches
“This is really impressive. I never experienced this before, that people welcome me on the hallway saying: What an awesome training!”
Valesca Blau , Human Resources - Delphi Germany
“The methods are practical and useable. Great. I learned a lot and I would recommend such a training to everyone.”
Wilma Harth, Branch office manager, Volksbank Bonn/Rhein-Sieg
“Leading with values and language. An increasing motivation to purchase as consequence of excellent language quality. Absolutely exciting and obvious knowing about the information processing in our brain.”
Peter Schu, CEO Wertpapierhandelsunternehmen & Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH St. Wendel
“I could see for myself her outstanding expertise at a speech at DEKRA in Karlsruhe and during two leadership trainings at Fraport in Frankfurt. She enthused us for the valuable content with verve. Great performance. Keep it up!”
Oliver Klug, Marketing director Nürnberger Versicherung
“She is characterised by her strong engagement and her own initiative. Her speeches are passionate, the audience hang on her lips. She inspires and convinces her audience.”
Christoph Karl, CEO Anwerina AG, Kreuzlingen / Switzerland
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