The secret of voice – Words are magic

The world’s best in the art of salesmanship, magical words, emotion that motivates, exposure techniques, language strategies, and body language that convinces. I know what you’re thinking – I know what you feel. Top class Neurocommunication – the new desire in speech and thinking.

With her passion for speech and the esthetic art of salesmanship she turns every seminar into an extraordinary experience. Charming, dynamic and with lots of humor, she advises managers, directors, executives, employees, politicians, and corporations.

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The Secret of Voice – Words Are Magic

The world’s best in the art of salesmanship, magical words, emotion that motivates, exposure techniques, language strategies, and body language that convinces. I know what you’re thinking – I know what you feel. Top class Neurocommunication – the new desire in speech and thinking.

Classified information – communication

Do you want to know what the person across from you is thinking, what they feel, how they’ll act and which effective, verbalized message produces favorable results? Do you want to learn more about the magic of words? Then Astrid Arens is precisely the person for you.

Words are energy and directly influence our emotions. Emotions are our internal navigation systems and decision-makers. Every rational decision has an emotional root. Words affect our body reactions. How can my body influence my thinking and my speech? How do words influence our future, our quality of life, our being?

The Secret of Voice – Words Are Magic – Part I and II

Leading by Breaking the Rules

Neuro-communication guarantees more success. Change the rules, be different and measurably more turnover will be the positive result.

Astrid Arens shows you how you can lead by appreciation, how you can find the right employees and hold on to them in the long run, as well as how you can build strong ties to your employees or key customers. How you yourself as manager can successfully motivate your team to measurably higher turnover and market success. Communication earns money, the successful, brain-compatible communication. Neuro-communication shows you that much more is possible. Change the rules and lead yourself and your team to lasting success. Be different and, at the same time, future oriented for your company.

Your advantage: This seminar inspires, stimulates, motivates and provides valuable impulses that you can utilize directly in your professional life. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the Board, a Business Manager, Department Head, Team Manager or Entrepreneur. With the new Know How on the topic neuro-communication you can move people and become even more effective. In this way you strengthen your leadership position as well as the responsiveness and flexibility of your sales team. Discover decisive tips for everyday use as well as new rules of leadership that will make you and your team even more effective.

Sales – Break Old Sales Rituals – Break Down the Customer’s Wall

The new trend of speaking – Neuro-communication. How do you develop fans the right way? Sales rituals pull and remain anchored in every client’s head.

Be different and be successful as a result. Today’s customers are self-confident, they are informed, often have a plan, and, most of all, want to have a good solution for their concerns and their needs. They speak on par professionally with salespeople and are already full of interesting ideas. The product’s technical specifications and service description are no longer enough to be successful in the future. It’s high time to prepare your sales team for this new situation. New thinking and procedures are required as well as good alternative solutions based on each customer’s needs. Experience in this seminar how you can inspire your customers, how you can break through the “customer’s wall” to land a sale, and how the new communication – neuro-communication – furthers your success.

Your advantage: The right sales rituals will secure measurably more turnover and, most of all, strong customer relations. Discover what the hidden customer agenda is and how you can win the customer. Modern brain research knows exactly how the human mind functions and what it likes. Put this knowledge to use, and make an intensive and lasting impression in the minds of your customers. Your success at selling is ensured, and your customer ties are stronger and more effective than ever before.

Speak and Imagine Your Success – Maintaining Performance Somewhat Differently

The new passion to speak and think differently – neuro-communication and the brain works complementary. A new energy booster for more performance and quality of life.

A new zest to think and talk differently will make you more successful. You yourself are building the foundation for your success. Today’s society is in the midst of change. Ever faster, ever hastier, ever more flexible, ever more information. How do I transform a Stone Age brain to enjoy tackling such challenges, and, most of all, how do I maintain the acquired performance level in the long run? It is about time to bring this new thinking and especially this new communication into companies. A rethinking and a new language are urgently needed in order to be able to cope with future demands strategically and humanely.

Your advantage: Effective speaking and thinking patterns are a guarantee for more business as well as personal success. Find out about the new energy booster that will make you more effective in all areas of your life. Building long-lasting and sustainable success comes from increasing productivity, based on speaking and thinking that takes your personality into account; this is the latest method. Recent brain research shows us how we can achieve it.