Ignite a firework – make a difference – be inspired. It has to do with you and your event.

Make your event an unforgettable experience. Get excited and inspire your audience. Astrid Arens represents inspiration, motivation, information and innovation. In her charming, dynamic style, coupled with lots of wit and entertainment, she discloses to her audiences how they can see through, persuade and influence other people.

National and international global corporations and companies profit from her presentations because they guarantee and increase long-term and sustainable growth of sales, intensify customer relations, ignite motivation and enthusiasm as well as develop personal initiative and responsibility.

Turn your events, your customer and staff activities, executive management seminars, kick-off events, management and sales meetings, annual conferences, conventions, workshops and seminars into outstanding experiences. Select one of the several topics offered. Communicate your specific requirements to Astrid Arens, and she will develop her presentation to your company’s and your target group’s specific needs.

Her speeches challenge us to act, are inspiring and practical.



The Secret of Voice – Lifecode Communication

In the beginning was the word (Bible)

What we think consists of words.

What we say determines our thinking, our life and our health.

Words are magic and with words we change the world. Language is something wonderful, something unique. It is thousands of years old, and when used correctly, an indescribable magic emanates from it. Every thought and every word is accompanied by figurative ideas and emotions. Many people use language completely carelessly. They learned words and phrases in childhood without being aware today of the power of these words and what influence they have on their health. With the right choice of words, each of us has the opportunity to create a healthy foundation for ourselves and our lives. The right choice of words creates more enthusiasm, more motivation and can help people to control their own physical and mental health.

New thinking-communication-energy concepts change the world

Through our thoughts and the focus of attention we set each day, we begin to develop emotions and radiate energies. These energies attract people with the same vibrations and we feel like we are floating on the same wavelength with the other person. If we think alike and have the same goals, we will achieve great things because we are much stronger together.

Your thoughts play a particularly important role in this. They guide you and are your anchor. If you think positively, you will attract positive things into your life. Negative thoughts will naturally attract worse things.

To understand this connection between two people, imagine that we all radiate waves and energy patterns.

What people can accomplish together is shown over and over again in numerous projects. If you attract people into your life who “tick” in the same way, i.e. have the same attitudes and goals, then a spirit is created that connects you and lets you grow.

A very important point here plays the law of attraction, also called the law of resonance, which means as much as: Like attracts like.

Learn to understand the connections and you will experience an unspeakable expansion of your spirit, more joy of life, quality of life and a completely new life energy.

Explosive: “The Brains Law” – Tick-Tack, Tick-Tack – That’s How Our Brain Ticks

What stimulates our brain and what does it simply ignore? The personal “I-Code” clearly reveals how we tick, and what moves us to act. Neuro-marketing and neuro-communication in use.

Successful Neuro-marketing represents a combination of current brain research and market research. Neuro-communication is in demand – the power of words. What criterion influences people’s decisions? What role does a reward system play? When is a purchase booked as a win and when is it perceived as a loss? How can customers be influenced? What coercive power does a brand name have? How important are strong customer ties? What role do emotions play?

This presentation leads us through the fascinating world of the brain. Astrid Arens provides us in a very succinct manner, humorously depicted with many practical examples, insight into how we can stimulate our brain and that of our counterparts. What moves people to act and that sustainably?

“The Color of Trust”

In the presentation “The Color of Trust” – Astrid Arens shows us the different personality types and how you can successfully influence these people. How do I get people to say yes? What role does (neuro-) communication play in this? Which basic principles do they follow and which strategies are effective? What attracts us and what rather repels us? Am I decided or do I make the decision myself? Am I master of the situation or am I influenced from the outside or possibly even from within?

In her presentation Astrid Arens shows us how a better cooperation is created by knowing who I am, who is sitting opposite me and what moves this person, what e.g. this team needs to become successful. Get to know people better, set new impulses, how I address whom, in order to appear more convincing and thus reach the goal more easily. Pure motivation.

The ABC for personal and professional success

The secret recipe for your personal success – how I can convince others and win them over.

What can I do to make others do something for me? How do I convince easily and sustainably? How do I gain people’s trust and how do I lead them successfully? Scientifically proven and tested in practice, this is Astrid Arens’ concept for success. Learn to understand and develop people better. How do I achieve my goals faster and with less energy? Simply more successful.

In her presentation, Astrid Arens will show you how to seduce charmingly, how to inspire others and how to convince them in a goal-oriented manner. Your goal is more sales, more market success and stronger employee loyalty? Do you want effective and easy-to-implement tips? Then this lecture is a “must have” for you.

The hidden agenda of our customers

Get to know the DNA of your personality. How do your customers, employees, colleagues and people from your immediate environment think, feel and act?

How do you guarantee the desired result of the conversation? How do you avoid resistance and how do you create a good feeling in the other person? How does (neuro-) communication support me in this? How do I skillfully gain his attention? How do I let images and feelings speak?

This presentation by Astrid Arens will take you into the world of the secret language patterns of confidence, conviction and, above all, successful conclusion. You will receive valuable impulses to skillfully tune your language – fine-tuning at TOP level. Whether professionally or privately of high value.