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Astrid Arens - CD Cover

A unique CD full of knowledge

of the latest findings on the topic of “emotions” and their benefits. Valuable knowledge for active people. Enlarge your mobile library with the new CD from Astrid Arens „Worlds of Emotions I – Using Emotions Successfully”

…who sees opportunities in budding emotions, who accepts them as a navigational aid, who recognizes their true value, who uses them to attract attention and esteem, is truly an active user of emotions…

Astrid Arens - MP3 Cover

Now also available in MP3 format

Valuable knowledge for active people, always and anywhere available with the MP3 version of Astrid Arens’ „Worlds of Emotions I – Using Emotions Successfully”

Astrid Arens - Ebook Cover

The E-Book about „Using emotions successfully“

Who are the real decision-makers of our life? Who control us? Who affect us? What power comes from our emotions?
What influence do they have on our quality of life, on our communication and on our purchasing behavior?

Change from a passive to an active user of emotions. This is the secret of successful communication, based on the concepts of modern neurocommunication.

Profilbuch Cover

The profile book of Astrid Arens – “The VOICE”

Experience Astrid Arens – an outstanding success story. Driven by passion and committed to success, she went her way. Today she’s the No. 1 among speakers and (neuro-)communication experts as well as author.

Find out all about this outstanding speaker – the personal book.


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