in Adenau, near the Nürburgring


Apprenticeship as Medical Technical Assistant (MTA) and Biological Technical Assistant


Vocational diploma as Laboratory Technician via continuation education


Self-employed entrepreneur – founded first business in gastronomy/catering


High School Diploma via continuation education at evening school


Change to a midsized German company in the pharmaceutical industry – Röhm Pharma –


Achievement award for the highest sales volume


Achievement award TOP 5


First lecturing and seminar engagements


Annual achievement awards for TOP sales figures, customer competency, excellent communication, field coaching

TOP elite team

Lecturing engagements intensify as well as coaching and training activities


Further education to a bachelor in Marketing


Achievement award for marketing expertise


Change to American global corporation Proctor & Gamble


Key Account Manager, Training, Field Coaching

Expansion of lecturing competence as well as coaching and seminar activities


Mother for the first time – birth of my son Mario


Distinction as German Sales Master – Pace Setter winner


Mother for the second time – birth of my son Arne


Distinction for the most effective marketing communication


Lecturing and seminar engagements abroad for the first time


Top Elite Team and Task Force Gruppe


First pioneer project: First-time organization of quality circle (network) – Osteoporosis. From initial conception over “pilot programs” to stable and successful institutions.


Achievement award as German Sales Master – Pace Setter winner


Achievement award as German Sales Master – Pace Setter winner


Nine month Sabbatical


Achievement award as German Sales Master – Pace Setter winner – Diving with Dolphins


Distinction as German Market Development Organization (MDO) Representative of the year

Distinction as European Representative of the year


Second business founded – focusing on Performance & Health Programs for employers/entrepreneurs

Second pioneer project: First-time development of a national, preventative, accredited Performance & Health Program with a license for workplace health promotion


Marketing support – lectures, coaching, training on the job, sales, key account manager – at the American pharmaceutical company Warner Chillcott Germany

Awards received for in the areas of emotional sales and modern performance management


Excellent lecturing engagements – several examples include Bayer Health Care, Verdi, Barmer GEK, AOK, Stadt Bonn, Globus, etc.


Third business founded – focusing on speaking, training, and consulting with the topics neuro-communication, mental competence, emotional selling, behavioral typology, performance management

Married to the love of my life


Marketing support – Marketing support – lectures, coaching, training on the job, sales, key account manager – at the Swiss pharmaceutical company Anwerina


Selected member of the national association of middle-sized companies and a recommended partner of Semigator

First book – “Using Emotions Effectively”


Lecturer at the University of Applied Science for German Accident Insurance (DGUV), Hennef


College lecturer at the Carl-Reuther-Berufskolleg, Hennef

First background CD to the book “Using Emotions Effectively”


College lecturer at the University of Applied Science Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, St. Augustin


Distinguished Professional Member of the German Speaker Association (GSA) and the Global Speaker Federation (GSF)


Selected leading Trainer of the TOP 100 – Trainer’s Excellence 2015-2017


Several stage performances at Powerdays and motivation seminars – ashore and afloat


Selected member of the Managerlounge Germany


Selected and leading international member of the Academy for Neuroscientific Educational Management (AFNB) and Academy of Neuroscience (AON)

Achieved degree: Master of cognitive Neuroscience


Selected speaker and expert of the German Speaker’s Lexicon 2015-2017


My mother turned 85 and got a model contract for several years


International lectures at leading global corporations such as Porsche, Procter & Gamble, German Telecom, Allegan Pharm, Audi, various banks, Didacta, etc.


Organized international contacts of Germany with the USA – Higher Master University International, Los Angeles, California

Attending the Lee Strasberg Drama School in Los Angeles, California

Distinction as award winner (female) of the first international Grand Slam America-Germany in February 2016, organized by the Higher Master University and Lee Strasberg Academy, Hollywood, California, USA

Decorated as winner of the Olympia Award, category “Literature”, 27th of February 2016 in Beverley Hills, California, USA, awarded by Antonio Gellini PhD, Founder & Chairman


Invitation and Nomination for the Eden Achievement Award 2017 – advertised by the American “The Eden Magazine”, Los Angeles, California

December 2017 on the cover of the international American magazine
– The Eden Magazine – California

UBN Radio – exclusive interview – Candice Bar – 2nd largest radio station
with more than 4.5 million listeners in the USA

Decorated as winner of the Eden Achievement Award 2017, 3rd of December 2017,
at the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, USA,
Publisher: Maryam Morrison

The Heroes and Humanitarians are:

Carlo Ponti Jr. (Producer & Conductor) and Sophia Loren (Actress),
Astrid Arens (Speaker & Neuroscientist),
Marcus Giers (Speaker & Brand Expert),
Bruno Serato (Philanthropist & Author),
Christoph Ulrich Meyer (Speaker & Entrepeneur),
Keith Mitchell (NBF Football Star),
Gerhard Matthes (Philanthropist & Speaker),
Marcus Rübbe (Speaker & University Professor) and
Dina Morrone (Actress – Avatar/Spiderman)

Cover The Eden Magazine 12/2017
Winner of the Eden Achievement Award 2017 Astrid Arens


Founding of my own online magazine “Business Voice Magazine”


Second international Speaker Grand Slam, Marilyn Monroe Theater in West Hollywood , Los Angeles

Radio interview at the 2nd largest radio station in the USA – iHeart Radio

The German Oscars – Villa Aurora, Pacific Palisades am Paseo Miramar

Elton John’s Aids Foundation Oscar Gala Party – a mega event

Al Walser’s „Rebel & Caviar Night“ – Hollywood Flair in Zurich

Speaker Grand Slam 2018
iHeart Radio 2018
German Oscars 2018 - Villa Aurora
Elton John Oscar Party 2018
Al Walsers Rebel & Caviar Night 2018


Founding of Voice Aid Association e.V.

Voice Aid Association e.V. is a nationally recognized new generation non-profit charity organization.

We are a worldwide association of people who, based on the charter of the United Nations (UN), the Global Goals or also called SDGs, enthusiastically stand up for more humanity, environment, climate and protection of the planet with their music and their ambassadors & friends:

Modern, open-minded, transparent – for the sake of people and the planet.

We want to perform with one voice that is heard everywhere and generates attention. With our anthem “We Are One”, our environment CD “Save the Planet”, with our Voice Aid Ambassadors and Faces we go outwards through music, concerts, events & fashion shows to spread our messages. Parallel to this, a globally active digital social community is being established, as well as a Voice Aid Shop that stands for sustainable products and companies.


Production of the music CD “We Are One” and the compilation “Save The Planet


Production of the music CD “Children Of The World”

Support and co-production of the books “Live healthier without plastic” and “Turtle Tilda is rescued”


Founding of the “D.I.P.E.S.H.” (Digital International Platform for Environment, Sustainability and Humanity)

The first and only platform of its format.

New book publication: The secret of voice – Lifecode Communication


Foundation of the label “Golden Planet Award” together with my partner Stephan Schwenk / Radio Group.



World’s first online congress on the topic of lived sustainability

Foundation of DIPESH Africa

First presentation of the Golden Planet Award

Woman of the Year Award & appointment as global patroness of AWLO


Foundation of DIPESH USA

Visit to the UN in New York, USA

Presentation of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

DIPESH USA-Africa-Europe has been honored with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award of the United States of America, presented by President Joe Biden, represented by Black People United Global Network. In addition, Astrid Arens was honored as an individual for her global commitment to sustainability.