Hardly any other German entrepreneur is connected in the national business world with such a creative art of persuasion like Astrid Arens.

She is guru and visionary with a penchant for madness. Her thoughts and actions are often described as unrealistic and kind of crazy and those attributes Astrid Arens never tries to deny. But who in fact is this woman with this linguistic performance?

She is a rebel, a creative, innovative perfectionist of speech who has significantly influenced sales figures of major international global acting companies for many years. Only the impossible is just enough to be achieved. This has not changed to this day with Astrid Arens.

The borderline between genius and despot is sometimes invisible, especially with Astrid Arens. She is internally driven by her vision…

This will not work – is unacceptable

Yes, I can

Anything is possible

“In the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god; everything was made through this and without IT nothing becomes what it was; in HIM was life … “)

(John v. 1 , Chapter 1)

Today Astrid Arens interprets this as:

Words are magic!
And with magic everything is possible!

With her passion for language and ethical persuasion, she characterizes until today the negotiation culture of companies and entrepreneurs on different continents.

One of her great visions is to provide her knowledge throughout the whole world. To open the people for happy, tolerant and fulfilling being.