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“An appropriate mindset and excellent language are indeed a recommendable way to more success. Many thanks for your dedication. We are extremely happy that you guided us through topics such as personal development and customer satisfaction so professionally and passionately.”

Andreas Matthis, CEO Porsche Center Heilbronn

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“She is one of the most extraordinary experts in Germany.”

Thorsten Seelbach, Founder of AFNB (academy for neuroscientific educational management)

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“I met Ms. Arens at a presentation on neuro-communication and it was fascinating how she could inspire the audience for the topic from the very start through her frank, refreshing, and authentic manner. It became quickly clear to me that neuro-communication is important for every organization. It improves the work climate, increases team spirit, and it simply makes it more successful. I can highly recommend Ms. Arens’s speeches and seminars.”

Wolfgang Wessel, IT Manager, Deutsche Telekom, Bonn

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“She wins people over with lots of charm and humor, and her performance is extremely unique. Once you’ve seen her perform, you will never forget her. She’s a role model and a genuine enrichment. Sales is her passion. Keep it up!”

Markus Hammer, Managing Director WICK Pharma, CEO P&G Germany, HO: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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“Astrid is captivating, creative, humorous and absolutely authentic.”

Greg S. Reid, Founder of Secret Knock (according to Forbes top 10 list the second important business organisation in the USA), Author: Think and Grow Rich series

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“The techniques learned are practical, applicable, and suitable for everyday life. Brilliant. I learned a lot and can only recommend to everyone that they visit such a seminar.”

Wilma Harth, Branch Office Manager, Volksbank Bonn/Rhein-Sieg

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“This is really impressive. I’ve never experienced this at any other training before that people greeted me in the corridors with the words: What a fantastic training!”

Valesca Blau, HR – Delphi Germany

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“Leading by principles and language. An increasing motivation to purchase as a mere consequence of an excellent choice of language. Absolutely fascinating and makes sense, if one knows how information processing functions in the brain.”

Peter Schu, CEO Wertpapierhandelsunternehmen & Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH St. Wendel

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“We are looking forward to having Astrid Arens’s support in 2015 to train all 110 employees of our subsidiary that is presently going through a ‘change process’.”

Sascha Eichert, VGH-S – Health Management- Vaillant Remscheid

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“The No. 1 speakers in the world speaking on our stages. And I have to tell you, that Toni Robbins and some of the biggest names you know around the world have been in and out of CEO Space. And Astrid is going to be speaking at CEO Space. The reason I’m putting her on that stage is the standing ovations she got during the Academy Awards in Hollywood at a Speakers’ Event. She got the only standing ovations of all the speakers on the platform. She had people crying and in tears, and she did that in 5 minutes.
If you put her on your stage, you’re gonna have one of the great ones, and I’m here telling you I know them all. So I really recommend that you explore: Getting her on your stage, and having your audiences experience just the emotion, the heart, that she will bring. She will motivate people out off their chairs like she did in Hollywood.”

Berny Dohrmann, Chairman and Founder of CEO Space International (according to Forbes top 10 list CEO Space International is the most important business organisation in the USA)

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“Ms. Arens distinguishes herself through a very strong commitment and her own initiative. She is a passionate speaker, and her audience hangs on every word. She inspires and convinces her audience.”

Christoph Karl, CEO Anwerina AG, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

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“I could convince myself of her outstanding expertise recently at another seminar at DEKRA in Karlsruhe in connection with two leadership workshops at Fraport Frankfurt. She excited us for the valuable content with her verve. Amazing performance. Keep it up!”

Oliver Klug, Marketing Director Nürnberger Versicherung, Nürnberg

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“Thanks to the excellent speaker who could practically, positively and empirically convey with honesty, tenacity, inspiration, hope and without “it’s not possible” syndrome as well as confidence through top know-how from many years of experience. Thank you for it.”

Michael Reiterer, Arunda Sektkellerei, Bozen, Südtirol

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“After she trained the sales team, our turnover increased significantly, a result that I attribute to the excellent training.”

Markus Miksch, Sales & Business Manager, Guerbet Pharma

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“She’s an awesome person, who can excite others with her ideas, who is always fully and actively focused, whose speeches are one-of-a-kind, and who provides invaluable support to our organization.”

Dawn Elvin, Vice President Customer Business Development Health & Grooming, Procter & Gamble, HO: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

“At the speakers slam in Beverly Hills Astrid went up on stage, she was poised, she connected with the audience, she told her story. She gave us points to go ahead and walk away with. If you ever have the opportunity to have her, the winner, on stage, you better not wait, because I can tell you: I see a greatness in this woman, and what she’s gonna do she’s not gonna have the time to do all the stages. Because she’s gonna get booked up so quickly. If you ever get that chance to get her, you should get her now. She is amazing. Astrid, I love you. Wunderbar”

Mark Anthony Bates, the coach of coaches – also known as “THE” Mark Anthony.

“We were inspired; Ms. Arens motivated us with her friendly and positive manner and gave us many valuable tips and behavioral rules of conduct for our lives. Congratulations!”

Dr. Claus Keller, MVZ Ärzte , Bad Wörishofen

“Recognition for her excellent performance are the various awards that she achieved for her exceptional sales results. She received the title of “European Sales Representative 2007”, the highest honor in our world wide operating company.”

Thorsten Weber, CEO Warner Chilcott Germany, HO: Rockaway, New Jersey, USA

“My staff and I enjoyed the first-class content and Ms. Arens’s convincing manner. It was a very positive experience. She inspired us.”

Wilhelm Barufka, Subsidiary Manager Mensch und Maschine CAD-Praxis

“Thank you very much for the many in-company trainings at Vaillant. You completely convinced and motivated our staff to practice the learned methods and techniques and to integrate them into their daily work routine. I can highly recommend you as a trainer.”

Arne Linscheid, Referent Personalentwicklung & Duale Studiengänge Vaillant GmbH, Remscheid, Deutschland

“Simple, effective and motivating. A good foundation for a long-term change of behavior for a better work-life balance and health. Very recommendable.”

Beata Rozborska-Moreira, Finance & Controlling – Wertpapier-Handelsunternehmen & Vermögens-Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH St. Wendel

“The seminar that Ms. Arens held exclusively for my team was not only useful for my staff but also for me. The methods learned helped me in numerous professional as well in private situations to deal with stress differently and thus to arrive at solution-oriented action sooner!”

Subsidiary Manager, Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank, apoBank Bonn

“…in order to reach an immediate, improved performance with regard to sales and motivation, but, while at it, to still feel really fit and good as well. Absolutely recommendable!”

Susanne Ratzer, Medical Representative, Pharm Allergan

“Communicative strategies about stress and solution-oriented thinking convinced the participants as much as Ms. Arens’s authentic presentation style. Rating: Very recommendable!”

Ms. Ratz, Division Manager Ambulant Caritas Care, Bonn

“The contents of the seminars stress management and neuro-communication are simply amazing. I found the very special techniques that we were given just super. They are extremely practical; everything is so clearly structured. Neuro-communication – brain-oriented speech – especially for me in the area of sales, I’m going to be thinking about it time and again for sure. I can only warmly recommend it.”

Anja Schuch, consultant, management Energetix, Schweiz & Deutschland

“In connection with our college fair with companies and firms in 2013 we looked for a speaker and “stumbled” across Ms. Arens. What a lucky coincidence! The cooperation has been exceedingly pleasant, respectful, and professional from the very start.”

Ms. Lopes de Silva, event organisation Unternehmertag, Hochschule Rhein Sieg, St. Augustin

“Authentic, exciting and very practical is how Astrid Arens introduces the prospects of “Emotion Selling”. Language produces emotion – positive or negative. Using relevant examples, she illustrates what snares are concealed in thoughtlessly spoken figures of speech and expressions.”

Dirk Täuber, Editor BEAUTY FORUM, Health and Beauty Germany GmbH

“Although originally skeptical whether a 2-day seminar with this content could deliver what it promised, I can now say: Yes – that seminar effectively hit the target with me. Very good!”

Martina Nolden, work council Globus Lahnstein

“Neuro-communication – a very important topic. I learned a lot and took a lot with me from the seminar. Now it has to be put into action. An awesome, all-around system for my personal success.”

Andreas Rind, High speed Quality CAD Trainer at CE SYS Engeneering GmbH, Koblenz

“Great: How can I manage to stay ‘switched on’ in order to remain more effective? It was truly amazing; I learned a lot. I have visited many speeches and seminars. But here I learned so much more in addition from it. Many thanks for it.”

Sebastian Kühner, European Director Marketing Juice Plus, Switzerland, Germany

“Her speeches are an effective mixture of expertise and entertainingly applied coaching. Her witty style and respectful manner make it enjoyable to listen to her time and time again and then to subsequently integrate the lessons into my daily routine.”

Ralf T. Hoffmann, CEO Orange : ON Entertainment, Wiesbaden