The Secret of Voice – Words Are Magic

The new book by Astrid Arens
Available end of 2019

Buch Cover Secret of Voice

Communication is much more than what we visualize in our own imagination. Correctly utilized, it is magical and inspiring. The best of the world of salesmanship, magical words, inspiring emotions, disclosure methods, language strategies and convincing body language.

I know what you think – I know what you feel.

Classified information – communication: Do you want to know what the person across from you is thinking, what they feel, how they’ll act and which effective, verbalized message produces favorable results? Then Astrid Arens is precisely the person for you.

In her new book she summarised all findings which are important and form the basis for successful action.

Amongst others you will find replies to the following statements:

  • Ignite a firework of neurons and the attention is guaranteed yours. Emotions are your true power.
  • The Psychology of Persuasion – why do people say “yes”?
  • The secret recipe for your personal success – how I can convince others and win them over.
  • Get to know the DNA of your personality. How do your customers, coworkers, colleagues, and other people around you think, feel and act?
  • You’ll get them all and much more. Which strategies are successful and what do you have to avoid? Get to know the rules of successful cooperation.