How did Astrid Arens become one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in Germany?

How can one effortlessly conquer new markets and how can one reach the desired result in every conversation?

Her tips and strategies are demanded in the international business and political world more than ever.

Astrid Arens has held more than 1000 lectures as speaker and author in front of more than 100,000 listeners worldwide. In her charming dynamic way, paired with a lot of humor and entertainment, she reveals to her listeners, how to look through people to convince and to influence them.

For decades, international, globally-operating corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Porsche, Audi and various banks and insurance companies benefit from the expertise of the studied Marketing & Neuroscientist.

Sustained consulting activities and unrestrained entrepreneurial energy; that all is Astrid Arens. For years she belongs for to the top 100 excellence coaches and with her unnumbered awards and honors to the most requested capacity in her business field in Europe (reference US Radio iHeartRadio 2016)

In 2011 Astrid Arens built up a company, which became very successful in a very short time and in 2016 she successfully entered the US market, where she also fills large halls as a speaker. Secret Knock & CEO Space International, the two most important US business organizations on the Forbes list, are happy to work with her. This makes Astrid Arens one of the most successful “export speakers” in Germany.