Ignite a firework – make a difference – be inspired. It has to do with you and your event.

Make your event an unforgettable experience. Get excited and inspire your audience. Astrid Arens represents inspiration, motivation, information and innovation. In her charming, dynamic style, coupled with lots of wit and entertainment, she discloses to her audiences how they can see through, persuade and influence other people.

National and international global corporations and companies profit from her presentations because they guarantee and increase long-term and sustainable growth of sales, intensify customer relations, ignite motivation and enthusiasm as well as develop personal initiative and responsibility.

Turn your events, your customer and staff activities, executive management seminars, kick-off events, management and sales meetings, annual conferences, conventions, workshops and seminars into outstanding experiences. Select one of the several topics offered. Communicate your specific requirements to Astrid Arens, and she will develop her presentation to your company’s and your target group’s specific needs.

Her speeches challenge us to act, are inspiring and practical.



Explosive: “The Brains Law” – Tick-Tack, Tick-Tack – That’s How Our Brain Ticks

What stimulates our brain and what does it simply ignore? The personal “I-Code” clearly reveals how we tick, and what moves us to act. Neuro-marketing and neuro-communication in use.

Successful Neuro-marketing represents a combination of current brain research and market research. Neuro-communication is in demand – the power of words. What criterion influences people’s decisions? What role does a reward system play? When is a purchase booked as a win and when is it perceived as a loss? How can customers be influenced? What coercive power does a brand name have? How important are strong customer ties? What role do emotions play?

This presentation leads us through the fascinating world of the brain. Astrid Arens provides us in a very succinct manner, humorously depicted with many practical examples, insight into how we can stimulate our brain and that of our counterparts. What moves people to act and that sustainably?

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Disclosed: “The Color of Trust”

The Psychology of Persuasion – why do people say „yes“?

In the presentation ‘The Color of Trust’ – Astrid Arens identifies the various types of personalities and how you can positively influence them. How do I persuade people to say yes? Which basic principles do I need to observe and which strategies are effective? What do we like to hear and what “turns us off”? Do I make a decision myself or do I allow someone to make it for me? Am I “master of the situation” or am I being influenced externally or even from within?

In her presentation Astrid Arens reveals what influences people, for example, that they do what I would like them to do. New impulses and information make it clear how I should address someone in order to be more convincing and, as a result, achieve my goal easier. Pure motivation.

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Disclosed: “The Big Seduction

The secret recipe for your personal success – how I can convince others and win them over.

What can I do that others will do something for me? How do I convince others easily so that they are even convinced in the long term? How do I win the trust of others and how do I lead them effectively? Scientifically proven and practically tested, this is the successful concept of Astrid Arens. Learn to expose, to understand and to empower. How do I reach my goals sooner and with less expended energy? Simply more successfully.

Astrid Arens introduces in each of her speeches how you can charmingly maneuver others, how you can inspire and constructively persuade others. Your aim is more turnover, more market success and a stronger staff bonding. You want good, effective and practical tips? Then this presentation is a “must have” for you.

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Uncovered: “The Closer – The Art of a Deal”

Get to know the DNA of your personality. How do your customers, coworkers, colleagues, and other people around you think, feel and act?

How can you be sure to achieve the desired result of a conversation or sales talk? How do you overcome resistance and how do you generate positive feelings in your listeners? How do I cleverly gain their attention? How do I let images and feelings speak for me?

This presentation of Astrid Arens leads you into a world of the secret language of trust, persuasion and, most of all, successful acquisition and closures. You receive valuable inspiration to skillfully tune up your language – fine tuning at a TOP level. Whether professionally or privately, it is invaluable.

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Power Factor Manipulation: “You can catch it all

You can have everything and even more. Which strategies are effective and what should you definitely avoid? Get to know the rules of the game for successful interaction and cooperation. Use the new strategy of communication – neurocommunication.

Because manipulation has been practiced since the beginning of time, manipulation belongs to our daily lives, whether in private or professional surroundings. We try to persuade people to our own advantage, we want to be right or steer things our way.

When do employees or colleagues finally do what you want them to do? When do customers ultimately buy that what you have to offer them? When was the last time you managed to inspire your partner for new ideas?

Astrid Arens reveals two exciting worlds of communication in her presentation. In the one world, she deals with the concept: If you manipulate, then do it right. In the other world, she decodes how you can recognize attempts to manipulate and how to appropriately react to them. The presentation offers inspiration and unique incentives to put into practice – a virtual pool of ideas.

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